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Dit boekverslag vertelt alles over het boek Room, geschreven door Emma Donoghue.

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This bookreport answers the following:

Who is the author of the book?

The author of the book is Emma Donoghue.

Explain the title.

The book is called Room. The reason for this is that the main character in the book, the five-year-old Jack, and his mother (Ma) have been locked up in a Room, after the mother had been kidnapped seven years earlier. In the first half of the book, they are in the Room, in the second half they escape from Room and try to start up a ‘normal’ life.

When did the story take place?

The book takes place in the late 2000’s, because Jack knows about famous popstars like Rihanna. His mother had never heard of YouTube or Facebook when she was in the clinic, so she has to be kidnapped in 2001/2002. The first half of the book, they are in Room, the second half in ‘Outside’, a place we know as the world. First, Jack and Ma are in a clinic. Later, Jack’s at his grandma’s house and eventually Jack and Ma live in their own apartment.

What are the main themes in the book?

The author wants to show us the freedom we have. This freedom isn’t so normal for other people. Other themes in the book are family, love and hatred.

What type of book is it?

This book is a fictional novel, although it is based on the events around Josef Fritzl: an Austrian man who kidnapped and raped his daughter Elisabeth in his own basement for 24 years. Elisabeth gave birth to seven children and Room is based on the story of her youngest child, Felix (5).

Who are the main characters in the book and how do they develop?

There are two main characters in Room: Jack and Ma. The book starts with Jack’s fifth birthday. He is a round character. Throughout the book, we can see Jack slowly changing. He learns about the real world and everything in it and with this, his character also changes. Although he still remains the stubborn boy, who depends a lot on Ma, as in Room, he slowly adapts to his new life and starts being happier.

Ma is 26. She was kidnapped at the age of 19 and has lived in Room for seven years. Her personality (always thinking about Jack, brave) does not really change in the book, even though she does have a mental breakdown (suicide attempt) and also has to adapt to the new world.

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Give an overview of the plot of the book.

At the start of the book, it is Jack’s fifth birthday. He has lived his whole life in Room, an 11×11 foot single room in the garden of Old Nick. Old Nick kidnapped Ma seven years earlier and rapes her almost every evening in Room. For Jack, Room is the whole world. The ‘Outside’ or ‘Outer Space’ only exists on television. Ma and Jack have a very strict routine in Room. When Ma hears that Old Nick is unemployed, she is scared he will kill them when he has to sell the house. She makes an escape plan, but the plan fails. Plan B (faking Jack’s death) works and Jack is able to find help and send police to Ma. Old Nick is captured and Jack and Ma are in a clinic recovering. They are taken care of by Dr. Clay and Noreen. Jack (and Ma) has to learn loads of new things about the new world and slowly but surely, they do. Ma has a mental breakdown after an interview and tries to commit suicide. Jack than lives with his grandma for a week, while Ma recovers in the clinic. Eventually, Ma and Jack have their own apartment (Independent Living) and try to settle there. The book ends with a last visit of Jack and Ma to Room, where Jack says goodbye to Room.

From whose perspective is the story told?

The story is told by Jack, the main character.

Why did you choose this book?

I chose this book, because I heard great things about it from my fellow students. I would recommend it to them, because the book really intrigued me. I enjoyed reading the book and found it very interesting to read.

What was the most interesting part of the book in your eyes?

The most striking passage for me was the passage in which the first few days of Jack in ‘Outside’ are being described. In the first chapters, you think Jack is just like an ordinary child, thanks to his mother raising him relatively well, but when they come into the clinic, you can see he has to learn so much. For me, this passage showed how bad of a situation they were in.

Which character did you find most interesting/appealing?

Ma appealed to me the most. To raise a child in such a good way in such a bad situation, is something I find very courageous. She deserves a lot of respect.

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